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Contact Information


In person

                Prof. Liu's Office: BSE 4.324
                Lab Manager: Ephrahime Traore (BSE 4.314A; 210-458-7056;
                Postdoc/Student Office: BSE 4.206 and 4,314 A/B
                Research Lab:
                Biochemistry: BSE 4.314 and 4.320; EPR/ENDOR: BSE 0.110; Resonance Raman: BSE 4.204
                (BSE = Biotechnology, Sciences, and Engineering building at UTSA main campus)


Mailing/shipping address

              Prof. Aimin Liu
              BSE 4.314, Chemistry, UTSA
              1 UTSA Cir.
              San Antonio, TX 78249-0698
              Tel: +1-210-458-7056



                E-mail: (primary); (中国科大 alumnus account)
                Phone:   210-458-7062
                Fax:   210-458-7428
                Lab Twitter (student run): @FeRadLab


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